Hi! I'm a CS student at IUPUI.

I mostly do web development (primarily in the form of VGC tools) and game development.

I'm a developer @TrainerTower (who host a lot of my tools) and @RNGParty.

- Jake White

Game Development

Gamedev is my hobby, and I'm actively working on a couple of projects as part of RNG Party.

Bubble Take

A virtual reality arcade game using only head-tracking controls, developed in 36 hours for Boilermake 2018. Working to release this on several VR platforms in the future!

DevPost » Github

Backspace Bouken

I was lead developer on a typing-based first person dungeon crawler developed with @pichuscute0 in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 42. This one earned 52nd place out of 2000 submissions and we are currently working on developing it as a full game!

LDJam » Github

Aphid Offensive

A Farming + Roguelike combo developed solo in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 41.

LDJam » Github

Furtive Fortune

A 2D stealth game that was developed solo in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 40.

LDJam » Github


I'm a Pokémon VGC player who develops a lot of well-known tools for the community.

Damage Calculator

I develop and run the main damage calculator used in the VGC community. It was unofficially forked from the Nuggetbridge calculator (RIP) which I also helped maintain. It has since moved to Trainer Tower where it currently lives.

Site » Github

I have also ported the damage calculator to Android and iOS, in the form of a Cordova application. It is currently available for Android on the Google Play Store and I'm working on getting it to the App Store as well!

Google Play » Github

Showdown Usage

Thanks to Antar, I have been able to collect and display relevant stats from Pokémon Showdown's VGC ladder. Currently hosted on Trainer Tower.

Site » Github

Battlespot Usage

In a similar vein to the Showdown Usage, I've scraped stats from the official on-cartridge database that is hosted on Pokémon Global Link (Credit to Ferretsroq for detailing the process). Currently hosted on Trainer Tower.

Site » Github

Teamsheet Generator

Tool made to generate officially formatted teamsheets based on Pokemon Showdown paste input.

Site » Github


Here's some random side projects I've made.


Dynamic raycasting engine made for CSCI23000 final project. Reads in level data from images, displays pseudo-3d terrain with a simple turn-based combat system.

Github »


PyCaster continuation, this time in Java made for CSCI24000 final project. Includes "full" 3D elements, variable heights, player Z-axis movement, colors, realtime hitscan + projectile combat, etc.

Github »