Hi! I'm a CS student at IUPUI.

I mostly do web development (primarily in the form of VGC tools) and game development.

I'm a developer @TrainerTower (who host a lot of my tools) and @RNGParty.

- Jake White


I'm a Pokémon VGC player who develops a lot of well-known tools for the community.

Damage Calculator

I develop and run the main damage calculator used in the VGC community. It was unofficially forked from the Nuggetbridge calculator (RIP) which I also helped maintain. It has since moved to Trainer Tower where it currently lives.

Site » Github

Showdown Usage

Thanks to Antar, I have been able to collect and display relevant stats from Pokémon Showdown's VGC ladder. Currently hosted on Trainer Tower.

Site » Github

Battlespot Usage

In a similar vein to the Showdown Usage, I've scraped stats from the official on-cartridge database that is hosted on Pokémon Global Link (Credit to Ferretsroq for detailing the process). Currently hosted on Trainer Tower.

Site » Github

Teamsheet Generator

Tool made to generate officially formatted teamsheets based on Pokemon Showdown paste input.

Site » Github

Game Development

Not much here at the moment, but there will be in the future. Gamedev is my hobby, and I'm actively working on a couple of projects as part of RNG Party.


Here's some random side projects I've made.


Dynamic raycasting engine made for CSCI23000 final project. Reads in level data from images, displays pseudo-3d terrain with a simple turn-based combat system.

Github »


PyCaster continuation, this time in Java made for CSCI24000 final project. Includes "full" 3D elements, variable heights, player Z-axis movement, colors, realtime hitscan + projectile combat, etc.

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